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About Us

At No-Diggity-Dog, we love our pets and believe that all dogs make us better people.  There’s a reason why we call them family.  Dogs are great listeners who never complain and show us unconditional love.  They never ask for anything in return…well maybe an occasional scratch behind the ears.  As dog lovers, we want the best for our four-legged companions.  Keeping them safe and happy is always our number one priority. 

 We know a few things about safety.  A fenced-in yard gives us a false sense of security.  However, this does not mean your dogs can’t escape…we discovered that the hard way.


“One day as I stepped outside to get the mail, to my surprise, I found my dog “Ranger” on the front porch.  I wasn’t sure how Ranger managed to find his way out of the fenced-in yard.  After seeing him so scared and out of place, my emotions quickly changed from shocked to thankful.  I proceeded to go to the backyard to discover Ranger had been digging under the fence.  The “What Ifs” started to kick in.  What if I hadn’t gone out to the mailbox?  Something had to be done.

I immediately laid down wood, but it didn’t work!  Rocks were used, but he dug around them.  I even tried placing yard furniture to block him from digging.  I finally turned to the internet only to find shock and spike collars along with shock fences.  This didn’t seem humane to me.  I knew I had to figure out another way.  After numerous failed attempts and my lawn looking disheveled, I realized it was up to me to create my own product.  I wanted a product that would not only close the gap under the fence but also prevent the dog from digging.  At last, the No-Diggity-Dog Fence Guard emerged.”

–Founder of No-Diggity-Dog Inc

This product can protect our furry companions and ensure your dog doesn’t escape.  Protecting our pets is of the utmost importance and the No-Diggity-Dog Fence Guard ensures the safety and security of your animals.

Thank you,

Team No-Diggity-Dog

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