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Prevent Your Dog From Digging Under The Fence

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Mike James
Purchased 1 Month Ago
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Quality product. My dog finally can't get under the fence!
John M.
Purchased 2 Months Ago
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Perfect for the price, my dog still tries to dig but can't actually get through fence. 5 stars.
Clara Ning
Purchased 1 Month Ago
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Super easy install and stops my dog from digging.
Lindsey A.
Purchased 3 Months Ago
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I'm not very handy but the install for these was very easy, just make sure they're secured to the fence and it stops my dog from digging!

Dog Fence in Fenton, NY 13833

What To Consider When Installing a Dog Fence Outdoors in Fenton, NY

Owning a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. What’s better than man’s best friend? Many people had a dog growing up, while others have always dreamed of it. No matter what, so many people choose to become dog owners every day. However, there are many things you need to prepare before you bring your new pup home. For one, you may need to consider fence installation.

Unfortunately, you can’t choose just any fence for your dog. After all, not every fence will work for each dog breed. Plus, Broome County may not allow you to build certain dog fence systems on your property. When you need to add a pet-safe fence to your yard, call No Diggity Dog. We provide dog fences to customers in Fenton, NY so their dogs can roam their yards safely.

From considering your dog’s size to its personality, you must think about several factors before installing a dog fence outdoors. Your new pup deserves the best, so you must consider what it needs out of the fence. Call No Diggity Dog today to become another one of our happy fence customers. Keep reading below to learn more about what you need to know before buying a fence.

Can Your Dog Jump?

One of the most important aspects to consider before installing a dog fence outdoors is your dog’s size and ability to jump. While not every dog is a Fenton, NY dog show winner that can jump higher than any other dog, your dog can still jump high. Therefore, you must consider your dog’s abilities before installing a small fence. You must choose a fence system that will contain your dog in the yard.

Why do you want to build a fence? Many people want to allow their dog freedom to roam without having to worry about it escaping. Some don’t want to supervise their dog when it needs to go out, so a fence keeps it safe. Whatever the reason, you need a fence that can successfully keep your dog inside. A too-small fence can’t hold your dog inside.

Can Your Dog Climb?

Your dog doesn’t have opposable thumbs, so you may not picture it climbing the fence. However, some fences you can build in Fenton, NY make it easy for your dog to climb. For example, your dog can easily climb a chain-link fence.

If you can, consider taking your pup to a friend’s yard with a fence. There, you can supervise how they interact with the fence. Does it try to climb it? How high can it jump compared to the fence’s height? This can help you determine the best size and type of fence to build in Broome County.

Does Your Dog Dig?

Another element of your dog’s personality you should consider is whether your dog likes to dig. Depending on the fence, your dog can dig far enough under it that it can escape. What is the point of a fence if your dog can dig under it? Consider a chain-link or invisible dog fence if your dog likes to dig.

How Large Is Your Dog?

Your dog’s size is important, determining more than how tall you need to make your fence. Do you have a small- or medium-sized dog? If so, you may need a fence with close-together panels. If the panels of a wood fence are too far apart, your dog may escape through the cracks. Therefore, consider your dog’s size and if it could fit through the spaces.

Can Your Dog See Through the Fence?

What does your dog do when it sees something through the window, such as another dog, a squirrel, or a person? Does it try to run through the glass, barking? Does it sit without care? That will help you determine what kind of dog fence outdoors you need to install in your Fenton, NY yard.

A large privacy fence will work best for your dog if it barks every time it sees something outside of your yard. This large fence has panels close together, keeping what’s outside of the fence outside. This will let your dog roam happily in their Broome County yard, not caring about what lies outside of it.

What Is Your Budget?

Whenever you build something, you must always consider your budget. You love your dog, and you would give it anything. However, building a fence can cost a lot of money. Therefore, you must consider which fence is within your budget. Can you afford electric dog fences, or is building a wood fence more your style? Go to a Broome County store or call No Diggity Dog to compare fence prices.

Dog Fence Outdoor in Fenton, NY

Invisible or Physical Fence?

You should also consider whether you want to install an invisible or physical dog fence in your Fenton, NY yard. This will depend on how you let your dog outside. Do you plan on supervising your dog when it roams the yard? If so, an invisible fence may work for you. However, if you have a doggy door that lets your pet go outside whenever it needs to, a physical fence is your best option.

Size of the Fence

The last aspect you should consider is how large you want to make the fence. Do you want the fence to cover the whole perimeter of your yard? Or would you rather only give your dog the backyard? Your expected fence layout will consider many factors, such as the cost and the type of fence you build.


You love your dog, and you want to give it the world. However, the world is large for a dog, and the last thing you want is for it to escape your yard. Therefore, you need to build a dog fence outdoors. You need to consider some important factors related to your dog and your fence: how tall you need to make it, the panel spacing, the type of fence, and more.

When you need to build a fence in Fenton, NY, call No Diggity Dog at 844-666-3444. We provide stellar customer service, and no matter the type of fence you want for your yard, we can help you make it. Before you know it, your dog can run freely in its yard, and you can have the peace of mind of knowing it will stay safe.

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