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New York Dog Fence

Prevent Your Dog From Digging Under The Fence

What Our Customers Say

Mike James
Purchased 1 Month Ago
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Quality product. My dog finally can't get under the fence!
John M.
Purchased 2 Months Ago
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Perfect for the price, my dog still tries to dig but can't actually get through fence. 5 stars.
Clara Ning
Purchased 1 Month Ago
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Super easy install and stops my dog from digging.
Lindsey A.
Purchased 3 Months Ago
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I'm not very handy but the install for these was very easy, just make sure they're secured to the fence and it stops my dog from digging!

Dog Fence in Rockland County, NY 10980

How To Choose the Best Fence for Dogs in Rockland County, NY

Who doesn’t love their furry friend? There’s a reason so many people worldwide have dogs: they make great companions, and they’ll love you endlessly. When they’re such caring animals, why wouldn’t you want what’s best for them? If you’re like many dog owners in Rockland County, NY, you will do anything for your pup.

However, there’s a lot that goes into owning a dog. You have to buy food, feed it, give it water, take it out, and give it plenty of freedom to roam. You can’t do that safely without a fence in your backyard, though. The world is a scary place, and you don’t want your dog to go missing or face an injury. Therefore, you should consider fence installation for your the area yard.

But how do you choose the best fence for dogs that you can buy in Rockland County, NY? There are a few things to consider before calling No Diggity Dog with your final decision. Keep reading below to learn everything you need to know.

Choose the Right Size

First, you have to choose the right size dog fence for your dog. While we wish that there was an easy answer to which fence size is right, that will depend on your pup’s size and personality. You will need a different fence for your German shepherd than you would for a chihuahua.

Consider how large your dog is and how high it can jump. For example, do you have a husky? Even if it’s a puppy, you should install a large dog fence in Rockland County, NY to keep your pup from escaping when it’s older. Large dogs can easily clear small fences, so consider your dog’s size when getting a fence.

You should also think about your dog’s personality. Maybe you have a small dog that can jump higher than any dog you’ve ever seen. In that case, you need a large fence for your tiny dog. However, you may have a German shepherd that has no interest in jumping. If you know your dog won’t try to escape your yard, you can install a chain-link fence without worry.

Choose the Right Panels

While your pomeranian may not need a large fence, your dog’s size is still a factor you must consider. Small dogs can become escape artists in their own right–they can squeeze through fence panels. If you install a wood fence in your the area backyard, consider making the panels close together.

Best Fence For Dogs in Rockland County, NY

Your large dog can’t squeeze through those fence panels even if they try, so the best fence for dogs is anything you want it to be.

Best Aesthetic

Whenever you want a fence system for your yard, you have to consider your backyard’s aesthetic. After all, you don’t have to give up your backyard just because you added a furry friend to your family. Many people spend hundreds of dollars to make their backyard a paradise for them, so you have to find a fence that will complement the work you’ve done.

When you need help finding the best fence, call No Diggity Dog. We have many happy dog fence customers who found a fence that completed their beautiful backyard. If you have a rustic feel to your yard, consider adding a large, wooden fence. However, if your backyard is the picture of elegance, a chic metal fence may do wonders.

Maybe there is no room for a fence in your aesthetics; that’s OK! Believe it or not, there are options for people who want a pet-safe backyard without adding a large fence. Bring in the invisible dog fence.

Physical or Invisible?

When a physical fence doesn’t fit your style, you can choose electric dog fences, also known as invisible fences. These dog fence systems will keep your pup in your backyard without cluttering your space with a large fence. Your dog will wear a collar that shocks it when it tries to cross your yard’s barrier.

There is a large divide between pet owners who agree with the invisible fence and those who disagree. Below, we’ll discuss some of the pros and cons so that you can decide.

Pros for Invisible

Adding an invisible fence to your the area backyard can keep your dog safe by keeping them in your backyard. As long as you train your dog to not pass the barrier, your dog can have plenty of freedom to roam. These fences are best for well-behaved dogs.

Cons for Invisible

However, some dogs can run straight through the invisible fence. Some large dogs, especially when excited, can bolt through the fence without even feeling the shock. This can become a safety risk, especially if the dog runs after a child.

Also, the fence doesn’t stop others from entering your yard. Whether it’s a child, another dog, or a burglar, an invisible fence doesn’t keep your yard as safe as a physical fence does.

Other Types of Fences

Maybe an invisible fence isn’t your style. There are many types of fences that you can include in your the area backyard. For example, the most classic version of a fence is the wooden fence. Also, you can consider a vinyl fence. These have a similar look but require less maintenance than a wood fence.

You may also choose a metal or chain-link fence. At the end of the day, whatever fence you choose depends on your style and what will work best for your dog. Do you have a friend with a fence? Consider taking your pup to their house to see how they do with the fence. Can it jump over the fence? If so, you know how tall you need to go.

What To Consider

There are many things to consider before finding the best fence for dogs in Rockland County, NY. At No Diggity Dog, we’re confident that we can help you find your dream fence. Call us at 844-666-3444 today if you’re ready to make a pet-safe sanctuary for your dog. With our stellar customer service, you won’t regret it.

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