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Prevent Your Dog From Digging Under The Fence

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Mike James
Purchased 1 Month Ago
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Quality product. My dog finally can't get under the fence!
John M.
Purchased 2 Months Ago
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Perfect for the price, my dog still tries to dig but can't actually get through fence. 5 stars.
Clara Ning
Purchased 1 Month Ago
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Super easy install and stops my dog from digging.
Lindsey A.
Purchased 3 Months Ago
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I'm not very handy but the install for these was very easy, just make sure they're secured to the fence and it stops my dog from digging!

Pet Fencing in Cheektowaga, NY 14206

Pet Fence Outdoors for Small Dogs in Cheektowaga, NY

Almost every dog owner knows that pet fencing in Cheektowaga, NY is essential if you want to keep your pet safe. However, many tend to focus on fence installation for large dogs. After all, larger dogs need more freedom to roam than smaller dogs. Therefore, you have to put a lot of thought into your pet-safe dog fence systems for large dogs.

However, small dogs need fences, too. Fences are great if you want to keep your dog in your yard. Whether you have a large or small dog, pups can escape and run away. Not keeping your dog contained in your Erie County yard can lead to injury. Also, fences allow your dog to run around and play without you keeping it on a leash. While you don’t need to worry too much about which fence you choose for a small dog, there are still many things to consider.

When you need a pet fence outdoors for your small dog, call No Diggity Dog. We’ve helped many happy fence customers who have chosen us to keep their dogs safe. Call us today if you want to become another of our pleased customers. If you need to learn more about pet fencing before calling us, keep reading below.

Breeds of Small Dogs

What constitutes a small dog? By “small dog,” we don’t mean your husky puppy. Breeds like chihuahuas, beagles, Pomeranians, pugs, and corgis are small dogs. These dogs don’t grow as large as a husky or German shepherd. So if you have one of those breeds or a dog around a similar size, you have a small dog.

Does Dog Size Matter?

Now that you know you have a small dog, you need to consider which fence system you want to add to your backyard. Does your dog’s size dictate what kind of fence you need to add to your Cheektowaga, NY backyard? Surprisingly, yes!

There are several factors about your dog you should consider before choosing a fence. Below, No Diggity Dog will discuss your dog’s traits that you need to consider.

Can They Jump?

You usually don’t think about installing tall fences when you have a small dog. However, you should consider how high your dog can jump. Some small dogs, like Russell terriers, can jump high. Therefore, you can risk your pup jumping out of your yard.

If you have a friend with a fence, consider taking your dog there for a playdate. See how high your dog can jump and if it can clear the fence. This can help you determine if you can install a simple chain-link fence or if you need a large wooden fence. It’s easier to test your dog’s talents before installing a fence!

Can They Climb?

Also, you should test to see if your dog can climb. Believe it or not, some dogs can climb fences to escape. Even though dogs don’t have opposable thumbs, they can do incredible things!

If you have a little escape artist that can climb, you should skip the chain-link fence. It’s easy for dogs to get their paws in the chain-link part of the fence and climb over it. You want to install a wood fence without planks that the dog can use to climb. Flat surfaces are important!

Can They Dig?

However, there are ways for your dog to escape rather than making it over the fence. Some dogs can dig underneath the fence. Keep an eye on what your dog does in your yard. Does it walk around digging holes? If so, you can expect your dog to try to dig its way out.

Not every dog wants to escape the yard. Sometimes, they dig to reach prey or play. Either way, your dog escaping can be dangerous. If your dog likes to dig, never leave it alone in your Cheektowaga, NY yard.

Can They Squeeze Into Small Spots?

This is especially important for small dogs in Erie County. How often does your dog try to squeeze between your couch and table? If you notice your dog squeezing through small spots in your home, you need to consider your fence panels.

If you choose a wood fence, ensure you keep the panels close together. Otherwise, your dog can squeeze through and escape. Therefore, determine how small your dog is and if it can squeeze into small spaces before putting up your fence.

What Fences Work Best?

So what fence will work best for your small dog? There are many different types of fences that you can choose for your backyard, and it will mainly depend on your preferences. If you want your backyard to look traditional, a white picket fence may be perfect for you! Wood fences are the most popular types you can choose.

Some other types of fences you can choose for your small dog include chain-link, vinyl, and metal fences. Luckily, you can choose almost any type of fence for your small dog as long as you consider its personality and ability to jump, climb, dig, and squeeze through spaces.

Pet Fence Outdoor in Cheektowaga, NY

You can also install an invisible dog fence in your backyard. While some dog owners disagree with the use of invisible fences, many other owners swear by them.

Does the Invisible Fence Work?

Electric dog fences work for most dogs; however, it doesn’t work as planned for some. This is especially true for large dogs. If a dog sees something outside of the fence’s barrier, like a child or another dog, it may run through the fence without feeling its collar shock it.

However, if your dog doesn’t care about people or other animals hanging out outside the fence, you won’t have to worry about your pup running through it. How well you can train your dog and its temperament is important when installing an invisible pet fence outdoors.

Now that you know why you need pet fencing for your small dog in Erie County, turn to No Diggity Dog. We provide stellar customer service for every customer who trusts us with their yard. Call us today at 844-666-3444 to create the backyard of your dog’s dreams.

Some information about Cheektowaga, NY

Cheektowaga is a town in Erie County, New York, United States. As of the 2020 census, the town has grown to a population of 89,877. The town is in the north-central part of the county, and is an inner ring suburb of Buffalo. The town is the second-largest suburb of Buffalo, after the Town of Amherst.

Cheektowaga’s earliest known historic occupants were the Iroquoian-speaking Neutral people. They were pushed out by the more powerful Seneca people, the most western of the Five Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, who were seeking to control the fur trade. They named this site as Chictawauga, meaning ‘land of the crabapples’ in the Seneca language.

It was not until well after the American Revolutionary War that European-American settlers began to live here permanently. The Seneca had been forced to cede most of their land to the United States after the war, as they had been British allies. Cheektowaga was formed from the Town of Amherst on March 22, 1839. Upon the formation of West Seneca on October 16, 1851, it was reduced to its present limits—about 30 square miles (78 km2). Throughout the 19th century, it was referred to by its original name, ‘Chictawauga’.

Originally a rural farming area, the town was extensively developed for suburban housing during the post-World War II boom of the 1950s. Aided as well by the construction of highways to serve the area, factories such as the Westinghouse Electric Corporation plant on Genesee Street were built here (since demolished). The plant generated employment to the area for many decades. The town maintains a strong blue-collar presence. Cheektowaga has a large Polish-American community, much of which relocated from Buffalo’s East Side, and about 39.9% of population is of Polish heritage.

Learn more about Cheektowaga.

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