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Prevent Your Dog From Digging Under The Fence

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Mike James
Purchased 1 Month Ago
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Quality product. My dog finally can't get under the fence!
John M.
Purchased 2 Months Ago
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Perfect for the price, my dog still tries to dig but can't actually get through fence. 5 stars.
Clara Ning
Purchased 1 Month Ago
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Super easy install and stops my dog from digging.
Lindsey A.
Purchased 3 Months Ago
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I'm not very handy but the install for these was very easy, just make sure they're secured to the fence and it stops my dog from digging!

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Benefits of a No-Dig Fence for Dogs in Lloyd, NY

Everyone knows that pet fencing in Lloyd, NY is essential if you have a dog. The last thing you want is for your dog to escape your yard or for someone to steal it. A great fence system can ensure your dog stays in your Ulster County yard. However, not everyone wants to have a fence in their yard. For one, it may not match your ideal backyard aesthetic. Also, you may live somewhere where a large privacy fence may lower the value of your home. While you love your dog, you don’t want to lose money–especially when many fences are expensive to install.

Luckily, there is another way. Bring in the no-dig fence for dogs! With a no-dig fence, you have the best of both worlds–you can keep your dog safe without spending a fortune. The best part yet is you can call No Diggity Dog for your fence installation. Ask any of our happy fence customers; with our great customer service and fair prices, you won’t want to turn to anyone else.

How do you know if a no-dig fence for dogs is right for your Lloyd, NY yard? Keep reading below to learn more about these dog fence systems and determine if it’s right for you.

What Is No-Dig Dog Fencing?

While you may have seen a lot of pet fencing in Ulster County, have you ever seen no-dig fencing? You maybe didn’t recognize it, but you have probably seen this type of fencing before. No-dig fencing is just what it sounds like: it’s a fence that doesn’t require you to dig holes in the ground or pour cement.

These are great pet-safe alternatives to traditional fences, such as wooden or vinyl fences. Not everyone has the time and money to install a fence, making no-dig fences desirable to many dog owners in Lloyd, NY.

But how do you know if a no-dig fence is right for your dog? Below, No Diggity Dog will discuss some benefits of a no-dig fence for dogs.

They’re Easy To Install

As we mentioned, no-dig fences are easy to install. In fact, this is one of the most appealing benefits to many dog owners. While you can call a fencing company to install it, some people choose to install the fence themselves. This can save you plenty of money if you’re on a budget.

Traditional fences can take more than a day to install; with a no-dig fence, you don’t have to dedicate all that time. You can put up the fence and move on without having to worry about it. Who doesn’t want a fence that’s that easy to install?

They’re Inexpensive

Another one of the top perks of installing a no-dig fence in your Ulster County yard is they’re inexpensive. Traditional fences can cost thousands of dollars to install. While no fence is cheap–especially if you want one that will last–no-dig fences are relatively inexpensive. What’s better than that?

They’re Temporary

Are you afraid that you’ll lower your home’s value if you install a fence? Whether you choose a chain-link or wood fence, many dog owners find them unattractive. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a temporary fence? Luckily, a no-dig fence gives you just that!

With a no-dig fence for dogs, you don’t have to worry about using cement to keep the fence in place. All you have to do is hammer in the fence panels, and your dog can run around the yard safely. Plus, these fences are surprisingly sturdy. So, even though you can take the fence down at any time, you can know it will keep your dog in.

Any Style You Desire

Also, you can choose many styles for your no-dig dog fence. Therefore, you can find one that will match your backyard’s aesthetic. For example, you can choose a vinyl, wood, or steel dog fence for your yard.

Are you not interested in large privacy fences? You can still give your dog plenty of freedom to roam in your yard. No matter what you desire, you can find a no-dig fence that will suit your needs.

No Dig Fence For Dog in Lloyd, NY

However, there are negatives to every pet fencing option in Lloyd, NY, including no-dig dog fences. You can’t decide if a no-dig dog fence will work for you unless you know all the pros and cons.

Pet Fencing Panels Are Short

Because the fences are temporary, the panels are shorter than traditional fences. Therefore, a no-dig fence may not work for all dogs. If you have a large breed that enjoys jumping, your dog may escape the yard if you’re not careful.

You should consider your dog’s size and ability to jump or climb before choosing a no-dig fence for your Ulster County yard.

Panels Have Gaps

Also, these fences have gaps between the panels. While this doesn’t matter if you have a large dog, it matters if you have a dog that can squeeze through small spaces. However, chances are you can find a fence option with panels close enough for your dog. It’s still something to consider before choosing this pet fencing option.

Other Fencing Options

If a no-dig fence doesn’t sound right for you, there are many other options to choose from. However, you don’t need a large traditional wood fence. For example, you can install an invisible dog fence. Electric dog fences are perfect if you don’t want to have a physical fence in your yard. Luckily, these fences will keep most dogs safe in the yard. So no matter your desire, you can find a dog fence for you.


If you don’t want a permanent dog fence in your yard or to spend a fortune, you should install a no-dig fence for dogs. If you’re ready to take this next step toward keeping your dog safe in your yard, call No Diggity Dog today. You can contact us at 844-666-3444. No matter your desires, we can find the perfect dog fence for you.

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